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1 year ago

Reaction to Future Shock

Talking about future shock well we don’t know what will be our future is.We don’t know how high-tech our technology is.As of now,there are many technologies were leading.We don’t know what will be the effect of those technology.We should know what would be it’s effect to our environment and also in our daily lives. Alvin Toffler’s future shock as technology learner I didn’t know that when technologies were leading I didn’t noticed that it has a big influence to us .Yes,technologies are helpful to us,we used it everyday but we should know our limitations. All of us are shocked of what technology had brought to us.There are many things are changed beacause of the technology. In terms of our communication and also the way we socialize.But what is really happening today is like the way of our communication has changed. Technologies can be lead to destruction ,but the question there is that,Why do we keep on using it ?Yes,it can be a destruction but there are many ways how to prevent it.We should not abuse it and we should use it properly.
1 year ago

As a Technology Learner

Me,as a student I am very fund of using technology.We all know that technology is very helpful to us.In terms of communication,we can easily contact our families and friends,especially how to get information.Me,as a student it really helps when it comes to my assignments.There are many things that really helps us by the use of technologies. Whenever I have an assignment I’ll just go to the internet shop and search it rather than going to the library. Technologies already contains everything ,all the informations that I want.As a technology learner we should not abuse on using it,we should know our limitations.We should not depend on the technologies.We must also work on our own.